Take a look at our new package in collaboration with FLOX.

A New Chapter For An Old Favourite

The How & Why Behind Our New Look

If you’ve been a fan of Native for a while, you may have noticed the massive changes in the look of our delicious bevvies & the boxes they come in. 

If you’re new to Native, then hey! You may recognise us by our 10 packs, adorned with bold colours and bright native bird artwork, along with their unmatched delicious taste. 

We’ve made quite the jump from our original clean designed 6-packs to our current poppy and fun 10 pack boxes and here’s why.. 

1. Catch Your Eye With Our New Plumage

While we loved our original minimal packaging, if you stand a few meters away, you can barely see them. This is not the time for camouflage.   

If we want to make real environmental change, we need real money to invest in seedlings to plant, meaning we REALLY need to sell lots of Native. If you walk into a liquor store and can't see Native, you won't buy it - and our mission is to make it really easy to plant more native tree so we need to make Native easy to find. Our new packaging boldly shares our mission and our passion to let the best stand out against the rest. 

2. Now In 10 Packs 

10, 10, 10’s across the board! 

You told us you wanted a larger box, and we listened. Native Sparkling is now in 10 packs! 

Walk into any liquor store and you’ll notice the shelves, floor, walls and chillers are stocked to the brim with 10 packs - kiwis just love them! Whether a 6 pack wasn’t enough to share with mates or enough to serve the high alcohol tolerance of NZ - we dont know! 

What we do know is that if you want kiwis to buy your refreshing and delectable RTD’s, put them in a box of 10.

3. Fermented Cane Sugar = Vodka. 

Sugar vodka (as it's commonly known) is a spirit made from yeast, water and fermented sugar cane. This is the spirit that gives Native its buzz. But, no one says “I’ll have a fermented sugar cane and soda though, do they?”

So, to keep things simple, our cans now say Vodka. Vodka is the spirit in Native, made from sugar cane.

4. Native Bird Art By FLOX

We worked with the renowned and crazy talented Kiwi artist FLOX on these beautiful new boxes. Why?

Firstly, she is seriously good at what she does. Her art also aligns with Native’s mission of re-wilding Aotearoa through sociability, with her trademark native birds, ferns and flowers being a celebration of Aotearoa New Zealand’s environmental taonga. Lastly, FLOX values sustainability, working with both ‘Keep New Zealand Beautiful’ and ‘Forest and Bird New Zealand’ and creating reusable products with her art. Check out more of her work at flox.co.nz

5. New Flavour!

So many of you loved our Peach, Mango & Passionfruit - so we’ve brought it back with a fresh new feel! Just in time for an absolute stunner of a Summer! 

Juicy peach & passionfruit are joined by their tropical friend, mango. This new bevvie is clean and refreshing with a tropical kick - we reckon this will be a Summer staple for backyard BBQs across Aotearoa.

We absolutely love the new packaging & hope you do too!

Native Sparkling, stocked online and in all good liquor stores near you! If it’s not at your local, then tell ‘em to get it in! 



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