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Pull off your first alcohol free Dry July party

Each year Dry July gains more followers. And the more people we talked to about it, the more we realised there were different motivations for going non-alcoholic. 

So whether you’re raising funds for those affected by cancer through Dry July, in it for a general health kick, or you’re in a reflective mood after watching Patrick Gower On Booze, now is as good a time as any to go alcohol free for a month. 

If you’re looking for some inspo to pull off your first alcohol free Dry July party, here’s what we came up with! 

Let us know how they go!

    • Try a games night. From classics like charades, Pictionary and Scrabble to bolder choices like Cards Against Humanity - there’s a board game for everyone. 
    • Bring out your inner Tom Cruise and host a non-alcoholic mocktail party - competitive edge optional.
    • Start early, finish early. Instead of you cooking all afternoon to serve your guests, invite everyone around early and cook the meal together.
    • Have you played keys in the bowl? Too far? OK, replace the keys with questions (kind of like MAFS) and you might find you get to know  your friends even better.

To support our customers who’re going dry this July, we’ve launched our first Native non-alcoholic drink! We’ve turned our signature Lemon & Yuzu into sparkling water. Same great real fruit flavour, just alcohol free. Perfect for a mocktail recipe.

Try it in this Lemon & Yuzu ‘Loves Lychees’ mocktail recipe this weekend.

Lemon & Yuzu Loves Lychees non-alcoholic mocktail recipe


  • Lemon & Yuzu Sparkling Water, 200 mls
  • Grapefruit juice, 50 mls
  • Fresh mint leaves, 4
  • Lychee syrup, 5-10 mls (depending on taste)
  • Whole lychees, 2

Muddle the lychees to make a paste, pour over the Lemon & Yuzu Sparkling Water and grapefruit juice, add lychee syrup to taste, add ice and stir. Garnish with the mint. Easy.

If you’ve got a favourite non-alcoholic mocktail recipe we’d love to hear it!

To find out more about Dry July and the work they do to support those affected by cancer check out https://www.dryjuly.co.nz/


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