100 Club

The 100 Club is how we directly support the native species of Aotearoa survive and thrive.

Our goal is to grow 100 individual species from their tentative hatch, to being released into the wild. And we’re on this journey now! Being a Kiwi business, it’s only natural that we started with kiwi.

Pūmanawa and Piari – Kiwi at Pūkaha ($10,000)

Pūmanawa - looking a little sleepy here - was the first kiwi we supported through The 100 Club. $5000 from Native was used to safely get her from just an egg to a pest-proof weight of 1.2kgs at the Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre in Wairarapa.

Pūmanawa was released into the wild at Mt Bruce reserve in August 2020 with her best mate Toi by her side.

Piari is another little kiwi at Pūkaha we've supported. He was born in the 2020 breeding season with special white toes and a cheeky personality. Piari was also released into Mt Bruce reserve in late 2020.

You can be proud that you're part of the journey contributing towards our precious native species from hatchling to a strong, pest proof survivor.

Tiritiri Matangi Sanctuary

Noel and Rehu – Kōkako on Tiritiri Matangi ($5,000)

We've partnered with the team at Tiritiri Matangi, a pest-free Island in the Hauraki Gulf, to support their kōkako monitoring programme. Specifically, a breeding pair called Noel and Rehu, our third and fourth characters being cared for under The 100 Club.

Our support contributes to a programme that helps locate nests for Noel and Rehu, determines significant dates and records outcomes for their offspring. This 'middle-aged' couple have successfully bred 10 fledglings so far, including Sunny under our watchful eye mid 2021.

Kōkako are iconic birds and belong to the endemic wattlebird family, another being the huia which is sadly extinct. The team at Tiritiri Matangi are making sure kōkako are looked after and will still be here for future generations.

Have you got a suggestion for us?

We’re always on the look out for which species we can throw our support behind next! If you have a suggestion, drop us a line at kiaora@nativesparkling.nz

Trees That Count

Trees Trees Trees!

We love trees, but not just any old trees, Aotearoa’s unique native trees. And our friends over at Trees That Count love them too!

Not everyone has land, and not everyone has the time to get out there and do the planting themselves, which is why we partnered with Trees That Count, to make it easy for our customers to contribute to some rewilding no matter where they are.

When you’re at the checkout of our online store, you can add a $10 donation to Trees That Count to help them fulfill their vision of planting 200 million native trees across the country. Every single tree counts, so whether you’re planting one native tree in your backyard, hundreds in your community or thousands on a farm, we want to know and help support. 

By counting the native trees which are planted each year we can monitor and measure the positive impact we are all doing to improve the environment.

Champion your backyard

With over 4000 endangered native species in Aotearoa, we know that education & public engagement will play as big a part as our 100 Club and Trees That Count campaign. We believe and are inspired by the vision statement of one of our local partners - Squawk Squad:

"To inspire a generation of tamariki to become kaitiaki of Aotearoa New Zealand, through education and action."



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