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Native Sparkling matt and guy conservation efforts

Drinking Native Plants Trees

Since launching in 2019, Native Sparkling has been connecting our love for having a good time as kiwis with leaving behind a better planet.

Our vision has always remained the same: ‘use consumption as a force for good’. 

Our journey started by supporting hatch to release programs - kiwi at Pukaha Wildlife Centre and kōkako at Tiritiri Matangi Island ($20,000+).

Through this process we learnt the importance of increasing native habitat space to allows more native species to recover and thrive.

We knew the perfect place to start - on Founders Matt and Guy's home farm, taking on their responsibility as the fourth generation to leave the land in a better place.

Every can of Native purchased supports the planting of more native trees.

We are currently on a mission to build our “Native Tree Fund" and plant our first 1000 trees - we estimate this at $5000.

Stay up to date with how many trees we have in the fund so far by checking out our socials each month - found here

Stage 1

We wanted to start by cleaning up our own backyard. The goal is to create a corridor of native bush (no more bloody pines!) from one end of the farm to the other.

We are starting our planting jounrey in what is literally called the 'Totara Paddock'.

We estimated around 5000 - 7500 trees are needed to rewild this area, before connecting up other bush areas across the farm.

Stage 2

More Trees!

Create a corridor of native bush across the home farm, planting and connecting native areas together. These become little highways for species to be travel and provide important sources of food and shelter.

Stage 3

Overall tree planting goal: 1 billion new native trees, stretching across Aotearoa in a connected corridor. We believe its possible!

For example, if Heineken put 10c per bottle sold toward this project, that would equal 200 million seedlings a year. Meaning, in just 5 years, this native bush corridor could be achieved and seen from space!  



The Better Packaging Company design revolutionary, customised packaging solutions for the new eco-nomy – a circular economy in which generating waste is not an option and the earth’s resources are not treated as infinite. At Native, we use their home compostable pallet wrap and courier bags and labels.

For us, sustainability is a continuous journey that we're learning more about everyday. As we continue to grow, we want to ensure that our internal goals align with our external goals or as the boss likes to say, "how we do anything is how everything". Whether that's through The Better Packaging Co's products or Innocent Packaging's compostable tasting cups, we are on a mission to make sure we're using the best options out there for a more sustainable supply chain.


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