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Native is a premium Vodka RTD and Aotearoa NZ's first hard seltzer, based off the popular hard seltzer market in the US - hint: google white claw. A hard seltzer is a refreshing beverage low in sugar, carbs & calories, that uses a plant-based fermented and distilled spirit for the alcohol. The result is an alcohol base with very little to no residual carbs and sugar as well as a very clean and refreshing taste. We then infuse real fruit and sparkling water...that's it!

Yep! Native is 4.6% alc/vol (1.2 standard drinks per can). Because it’s made with a natural sugar cane Vodka alcohol, it can be difficult to taste the alcohol – but trust us, it’s there!

  • Lemon & Yuzu
  • Apple & Feijoa
  • Peach, Mango & Passionfruit
  • Berry & Blackcurrant (6pks)
  • Kiwifruit and Lime (Export only)

Want us to make something new? Email kiaora@nativesparkling.nz with your favourite fruity ideas!

What is yuzu?

It’s pronounced ‘you-zoo’. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit - think of it as a cross between a mandarin and grapefruit. It looks a bit like a big lemon. 

Our friends at NZ Yuzu in Horowhenua have a more technical explanation: the yuzu is a hybrid between the satsuma mandarin and the ichang papeda, a slow-growing wild citrus which has never been individually cultivated, though it is a parent to many citrus hybrids. The yuzu has no lime parentage. Got it?

It adds a unique twist to our Lemon & Yuzu Sparkling and Sparkling Water.

We want to rewild the world - and when doing it, why not have some fun with good friends along the way? Native is an easy way to plant more native trees - with every four 10 Pks sold = 1 tree! With 4000 of Aotearoa NZ's native species are under threat of extinction, we better get cracking! Some, like the Māui dolphin & the Fairy Tern, number just 35-55 and are likely to become extinct in our lifetime.

It’s a drink by a family of kiwis for kiwis – literally. We donate to initiatives that are making a positive difference to new zealand native species. You can find out more info here or follow along on our social media to see what we're supporting next!

With the famous ‘cheet cheet’ and cheeky flying antics of a fantail, how could we not choose this abundant native specie as our mascot? Our vision is to see all our indigenous wildlife (including trees, plants, sea-life) thrive like the fantail and become a fundamental part of the walk to work, stroll on the beach or hike in the hills.

We are a family-run that grew up on a fourth generation sheep & beef farm with a love for the land! We wanted to do our part to support a positive environmental change - and we also wanted to have fun while doing it! Keep up to date by following drink_native!

Check out our stockists page to see where you can grab a box or a glass. If you’re a restaurant, bar, festival organiser or retailer and would like to stock native, contact: kiaora@nativesparkling.nz


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