Take a look at our new package in collaboration with FLOX.

Native is a premium vodka, sparkling water, and real-fruit RTD from Aotearoa, NZ. Our drinks are delightfully refreshing, low in sugar, carbs, and calories, and come in a distinct range of flavours, with something for everyone to enjoy. Our mission is not only to offer a delicious beverage but also to support conservation efforts in Aotearoa. With every 40 cans purchased, we support the planting of another Native tree, helping protect and restore our unique and endangered ecosystems here in the land of the long white cloud.

Yep! Native is 4.6% alc/vol (1.2 standard drinks per can). Because it’s made with a natural sugar cane Vodka alcohol, it can be difficult to taste the alcohol – but trust us, it’s there!

What is yuzu?

It’s pronounced ‘you-zoo’. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit - think of it as a cross between a mandarin and grapefruit. It looks a bit like a big lemon. 

Our friends at NZ Yuzu in Horowhenua have a more technical explanation: the yuzu is a hybrid between the satsuma mandarin and the ichang papeda, a slow-growing wild citrus which has never been individually cultivated, though it is a parent to many citrus hybrids. The yuzu has no lime parentage. Got it?

It adds a unique twist to our Lemon & Yuzu Sparkling and Sparkling Water.

We are currently building our Native Tree Fund to begin planting our first 1000 trees in June 2023. Thanks to you, we are well on our way to achieving this goal - check out how many trees have been funded so far here.

  • Lemon & Yuzu 
  • Apple & Feijoa 
  • Peach, Mango & Passionfruit 
  • Berry & Blackcurrant (for a limited time!) 

Have an idea for a new flavour? We want to hear it! Chuck us a DM at @drink_native on Instagram, or an email at kiaora@nativesparkling.nz and we might just make it happen!

After many nights chatting with mates about the state of our planet, we decided why not roll up our sleeves and do something about it. 

We created Native to turn a good time into a better planet. Our beverages are designed to not only leave your body feeling better, but your mind too - knowing that you’re supporting a greater environmental cause, just from choosing Native on an evening out! 

We decided to start in our own backyard, planting native trees, with the goal of creating a native forest from the sales of Native. For every 40 cans sipped, another native tree is funded. 

Check out our conservation page for more info on the benefits and importance of native forests.

It’s a drink made by kiwi’s, for kiwi’s! We’re on a mission to support the native flora and fauna of Aotearoa - hence why Native was the perfect name! 

We chose to work with local artist FLOX to create the beautiful native bird designs on our cans and boxes. The purpose of these designs is to inspire awesome humans to think as they drink.

As you sip, you’re directly supporting the planting of native trees, which in turn supports the ecosystem for our native birds here in Aotearoa.

Working with FLOX was a no-brainer, as not only is she seriously talented, but her artwork also aligns with Native’s mission of rewilding Aotearoa through sociability. Her trademark native birds, ferns, and flowers are a celebration of the uniquely beautiful environmental taonga here in our little slice of paradise.

We are a family-run company that grew up on a fourth-generation sheep & beef farm with a love for the land! Our small but mighty team consists of founders and brothers, Matt & Guy Hobson, and their long-term friend Luke McBride. We all wanted to do our part to support positive environmental change - and we wanted to have fun while doing it! Keep up to date with the behind-the-scenes antics over on Instagram at @drink_native.

Check out our stockists page to see where you can grab a box or a glass. If you’re a restaurant, bar, festival organiser or retailer and would like to stock native, contact: kiaora@nativesparkling.nz


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